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My means of transportation when I first arrived was the tuk tuk (or touk touk) which is three wheeled motorcycle with a small bench seat at back covered by a canopy. Either that or a red taxi which is pick up truck with two bench seats placed in back and also a canopy. It was red taxi or tuk tuk at first and then on the back of my girlfriends motorbike. It may look at bit odd but it isn’t uncommon here. A lady weighing 40 kilos driving the honda motorbike powered by a 100 cc engine with a big farang « foreigner » sitting on the back of the motorbike.

First, make sure you buy the right kit for your make and model of car. These kits are great because they already know exactly what you’ll need. If you wish to install your car stereo or speakers in slightly different places, then it’s still nice to have the kit as a starting point.

Seven listed cars below are the best used cars in terms of worth. Basically, we always appraise the best used car on the rudiment of their outsides and insides looks, dependability, well-being and fuel economy. These are the best rated used cars.

Customization – This is my favorite part about Android. You have open customization from themes, widgets to customized home screen and live wallpapers. iOS has none of that unless you jailbreak the device.

It is rewarding to install your own auto electronics and once you’ve successfully accomplished this, you will most likely find yourself installing something else in the future, thus, saving even more money. Please consider all this.